Please fill out the Brit Form and bring it with you on the day of the Ceremony.

Materials Required

  • Two boxes of 3 x 3 inch plain gauze pads (40-50 pads)

  • Two 1 oz. tubes of Bacitracin ointment

  • One unopened bottle of Kosher (OU) sweet grape wine or grape juice

  • One regular size bed pillow

  • 3 - 4 disposable diapers

  • One baby bottle of boiled water at room temperature
  • (to dilute wine)
  • One Talit (if readily available)

Preparations Required

  1. Please arrange feedings so that baby will have eaten his last meal at least two hours before Brit.

  2. The baby should not have any visitors before or after the Brit. The guests will have a chance to see him at the ceremony (or at his Bar Mitzvah!).

  3. Baby should be dressed in nightgown type outfit for the Brit. The baby does not need a kippa - yarmulka.

  4. The Brit is to be performed on a firm table strong enough to support an adult. The table should be placed near a window or any other source of good light. A card table, baby dressing table or round table is NOT adequate.

  5. If your son is a firstborn, remember to consult the Mohel about Pidyon Haben (Redeeming from a Cohen).
Rabbi Nissim Davidi
Certified Mohel
Direct: (323) 788-4737
Residence: (323) 965-9660

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