I see a yellow or white tissue around the Brit/Bris. Is that normal?

Yes! A yellow or white/gray color fluidor scab may form around the circumcision area. This is not pus! The circumcision area may also be swollen and look red or purple, this is normal. 

What are the chances of infection?

Extremely rare. Thank G-d I have NEVER had a case 

What exactly is being done during the Brit?!

The foreskin that covers the gland is removed. The penis itself is not touched and is protected by the Magen/shield.  

Is there a difference between Ashkenazim and Sefaradim as far as the technique of Brit itself?

No, absolutely no difference whatsoever. Everything, including the blessings, are the same.  

Should any kind of anesthesia be used?

My standard answer is: the anesthesia is for the mother’s feelings, not the baby’s pain!”(See the article “Don’t Fear Brit Milah”). The baby will do just fine with the wine. I have experience with Emla and other topical anesthetics but none really do the job; nevertheless, if the parents want, they can ask their pediatrician for a topical anesthetic.  

(It is my understanding that Emla is no longer recommended. Many years ago I read the small print in the paper accompanying the medication; in there it stated clearly that there is no data that it is effective on infants under 6 months!) 

How long does the actual procedure take?

Under 45 seconds.  (Compare that to 35 minutes in the hospital, when using the Gomco clamp!).  

Do we need to get a special chair of Elijah from the Shul?


Do we need to have 10 men (Minyan) to proceed with the Bris/Brit?

It is preferred, but not required.  

Must the Brit/Bris be performed on the baby's eighth day? What if the baby is ill?  
For the sake of convenience can the Brit/Bris be delayed to Sunday?

Performing the Brit/Bris on the eighth day is a Biblical requirement that is emphasized two different times in the Torah. It is, therefore, of paramount importance. Of course if a child is ill, the Brit/Bris has to be delayed because there is nothing as important as the child's health; however, once the child is well and has been given the medical clearance to have his circumcision, the Brit/Bris should be performed as soon as possible. Some people would like to have the Brit/Bris delayed to a Sunday for convenience; however, this is not appropriate. You will find that true friends and family will come to the Brit/Bris whenever it is performed.It is a blessing for the child to start his life properly.  

Can we do the Brit/Bris at night?

No! A Brit/Bris may only be done from sunrise to just before sunset. A Brit/Bris performed at night is invalid.  

How do we calculate the 8th day?

A child born, say on Sunday anytime after sunrise and before sunset, must be circumcised on the next Sunday anytime after sunrise and before sunset. A full day is not required. Thus, 20 minutes before sunset on Sunday is considered day one, and next Sunday morning is day eight. With regard to a child born in the “twilight zone”, the Mohel should be consulted.

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