• Escape with the baby to a quiet room, lock the door and nurse/feed him. He is tired from the procedure and deserves undisturbed peace.

  • All those who did not see him, will have to wait! Tell them to be on time for the next one!

  • Do not stay near the band or DJ’s loud music (noise!).

  • Make sure to burp the baby.

No visitors for 24 hours.

The baby may be a bit cranky after the Brit. Absolutely NO medication should be given to him without the express permission of his doctor. None is usually prescribed!

Apply pad and ointment at each change of diaper.

Examine the Brit area every half an hour for the first 4 hours after the Brit, to insure that there is no excessive bleeding. Open one side of the diaper and just visually check for any bleeding. A spot or two or staining is normal. As a result of urination, the gauze pad or the diaper may have a pinkish color. This is not bleeding. In the rare case of hemorrhaging, using a gauze pad, apply pressure to the bleeding area and contact me immediately.

Baby may sleep through the next feeding. This is normal.

Avoid laying the baby on the stomach for the first twelve hours after the Brit.

You may hold the baby on your shoulder and tap him on his back to burp him, but DO NOT rub him against yourself. This may irritate the circumcision area and cause bleeding.

Stop the thick circle of ointment on the pad after 3 days. Continue using pads with just a thin layer of ointment for the next 2 days. After the 3rd day, expose the Brit area to air for 15 minutes twice a day. This will dry the tissue and promote healing.

A yellow or white / gray color fluid or scab may form around the circumcision area. This is normal and is not pus! The circumcision area may also be swollen and looking red or purple, this is normal.

The baby may have a full bath on the sixth day. You may sponge-bathe the rest of the body at any time.

Good luck!

Rabbi Nissim Davidi
Certified Mohel
Direct: (323) 788-4737
Residence: (323) 965-9660

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